It’s Halloween, y’all, which means party, party, party!! Now, there are usually a million things going on at a party, especially on Halloween. So, tell us, what would your zodiac sign more than likely be doing?


Capricorn – Dancing their azz off!

Capricorn doesn’t get out much, but when they do? Chileeee they don’t know how to stop! Halloween is one of the few holidays where they’ll actually let loose.


Aquarius – Picking the candy corn out of the candy bowls

Aquarius operates in doing what’s best for the greater good. They will not let you eat candy corn or anyone else for that matter, and will tell you that you deserve better. *hands you a Snickers bar*


Pisces – Creating an imaginary story using the character costumes they see at the function

Pisces are very imaginative people. So, when they see costumes like Arnold and Helga from Hey Arnold! It’ll instantly cause them to reenact some of their favorite scenes (in their minds) and remember what life was like as a kid.


Aries – Winning the costume contest

Aries is always dressed to the 9’s and will definitely be the best dressed at the Halloween function!


Taurus – Playing pranks all night

Taurus has an interesting sense of humor and everyone knows this. At this point, their friends don’t even get mad if they open a door and get a bucket of slime dumped on them!


Gemini – Avoiding people they’ve gone off on in the past

Some Geminis are known for having very sharp tongues especially when they don’t like someone. Considering how many people claim to have been victimized by a Gemini, it can be awkward for them to continuously run into people they may have had words with.


Cancer – Making sure that all of the trick-or-treaters get candy during the party

Cancers luh da kids!


Leo – Hosting the Halloween party

What’s a party without a Leo? Lame!


Virgo – Analyzing and rearranging the Halloween decorations

Virgo is very picky when it comes to details and will definitely move some things around to make it more fitting for the occasion. I mean, you can’t have an uneven amount of fake spiders in the webs!


Libra – Catching heat for coming to the party without a costume

Libra is just here for the turn up which is okay, but they just don’t care for the Halloween theatrics. As long as you keep their cups full of some drank they will gladly accept the public shame.


Scorpio – Trying to come up with the sexiest costume they can without being arrested for public indecency

Scorpio has no problem letting their freak flag fly. Halloween is the one day a year that they can get away with wearing very revealing clothes in public!


Sagittarius – Charging all of the guys at the door even though the party is free

Sag’s view a lot of things as a business opportunity especially when they’ve figured out how to optimize it. Why should guys get in free with all these sexy ladies around? By charging the guys, Sagittarius weeds out the ones that don’t REALLY want to be there and, welp, more girls for them!



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