Kevin Garnett’s younger sister must not be on his payroll because sis is in some serious trouble after allegedly trying to rob three check cashing stores in South Carolina.

According to TMZ, cops say this all went down on Monday. Ashley Danyelle Phelps tried to rob a local Check Into Cash in Greenville and even had the nerve to tell employees she had a bomb. Someone ended up hitting the panic button and Ashley ran off without any money.

Now one would think that if you almost got your a** caught that you would lay low for a couple days, but sis was right back at it the next day.

She hit up another Check Into Cash store but ended up failing so she went to an Advance America shop and told employees she had a bomb again.

Police ended up catching sis a few hours later and arrested her.

She was hit with 2 counts of armed robbery, 2 counts of making a bomb threat and 1 count of attempted armed robbery.

Andrea is currently being held at the Greenville County Detention Center after her bail bond was denied.

A source told the site that Kevin used to be really close with his sister but had a falling out a few years ago and no longer speak.

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