A sports fan tweeted a picture of rapper #Chamillionaire sitting courtside at Game 5 of the #NBAFinals on Monday and the internet went into a frenzy! Many of us have not seen or heard from him after experiencing so much success with his hit single Ridin’ (Dirty) and the internet wanted to know how exactly he could cop those expensive tickets.

Well, I am here to y’all that Chamillionaire’s ambitionz az a millionaire is to be a billionaire one day which is why he made an exit from the music industry and headed for the tech industry. In an interview with #Noisey, he explains that he made the change after not really seeing too much wealth in the music industry. “I walked around the music industry for a bunch of years, right? I saw a lot of rich people. I didn’t see wealthy,” he says. “I got into the tech industry, I see wealthy every day.”

He continued:

“The Snapchat CEO is 24 years old and a billionaire. How many billionaires do I have to walk around the music industry to find? I’m in Silicon Valley, I’m in L.A., I’m in Santa Monica, and I’m seeing billionaires all over the place. And they’re young. That’s not in the music industry.”

Chamillionaire, whose real name is Hakeem Seriki lives in Silicon Valley today and according to BET, is the CEO of his Chamillitary Entertainment record label, opened his own modeling company, developed a tour bus company and is an investor in a “Houston-based customized-car auto dealer, Fly Rydes.” He is also an entrepreneur in residence for Upfront Ventures, becoming the first rapper to be bestowed with such a prestigious honor.

“Coming up as a rap artist, man, I come from a world where people couldn’t just walk into a room and just get all this money,” Seriki tells Noisey. “You had to be a rapper or a basketball player and you had to be exceptionally great at that.” The rapper-turned-businessman sees true wealth everyday and says that it’s “amazing” to be in the midst of it.

With that being said, heyyy big head!


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