If you’re old enough, then you will remember the show #CollegeHill which was a part of the brief lineup of reality shows on BET back in the day. It was basically an HBCU version of #RealWorld and it was m-e-to the-s-s-y!

As a matter of fact, cast member #RayCunningham put the ‘mess’ is messy on College Hill: #VirginaStateUniversity which made his transition to #LHHH that much more juicy!!

After his time at BET, Ray went on to start a PR company, become an editor for #BleuMagazine and start his own blog. I guess we’ll be seeing more of him now that he’s back on t.v.!


Now, you know we couldn’t bring up College Hill without bringing up the Virgin Islands season. The most epic fight in reality show history went down between Vanessa and Krystal.

Today, Krystal Lee is a radio host on the Willie Moore Jr. show in Atlanta, but Vanessa seems to have disappeared after having to leave the house after her and Krystal’s infamous altercation.

Press play below to take a trip down memory lane!




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