#Roommates, do you guys remember #JustinGuarini from the first season of #AmericanIdol? He was super handsome with a tall curly fro who took 2nd place after #KellyClarkson that year.

Guarini seemingly flew under the radar, but later emerged as the Prince-inspired “‘Lil Sweet” character on the #DietDrPepper ads last year! He sings his way through problems that other characters may have by bringing them an ice cold soda.



You may not have recognized Justin since he’s been sporting a red wig and a rockstar-esque ensemble complete with eyeliner and everything, chile!

Anyway, while he’s not executing Dr. Pepper ads, Justin is still acting and making music! He’s made a home at Broadway and has made appearances in productions such as “Romeo and Juliet ” and “Wicked.” He’s also currently playing Trent in the production of “Rent.” Guarini is married to longtime love Reina Capodici and they share two sons named William and Asher!


Momma, @therealtank made me do it

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