Hey, Roommates! So, I’ve been watching #LionKing all week with my son and it dawned on me that it was #JasonWeaver who was singing down on all of the songs as Simba! Jason also played the role of a lifetime as a young Michael Jackson in the tv show, “The Jacksons: An American Dream” which really helped to showcase how gifted he was.

As Jason grew up, he honed his acting and singing talents in the TV show #SmartGuy alongside #TajMowry. He continued to act in movies like #Drumline and #ATL as well as dozens of other tv shows and films. Most of us remember his collaboration on #Chingy’s song “One Call Away” back in 2004. The video featured fellow child star Keshia Knight Pulliam and was the first time we really saw her “grown up.”

Today, Jason is still acting and even appeared in an episode of #Blackish last year. He is also working with his team on a tv series in Atlanta called #CloudPark and continues to write and record music!

Hopefully we will see Jason come back as Teddy in ATL 2! That would be so lit.


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