Hey Roommates! We have taken a vote here at The Shade Room and have concluded that #SisterAct2 is easily one of our top 10 favorite movies of all time! One of the most memorable moments of the film is when actor #RyanToby (@ryantobyryan), who portrays the Wesley Glen Ahmal James who skated tf out of “Oh Happy Day” with that note. “When Jesus WAAAAAAAAASHED!” Don’t act like that’s not exactly how you sing it!

Anyway, after finding success with the movie, Ryan went on to join the group #CityHigh who produced the touching song “What Would You Do?” and he would later pen hits like “Miami” for #WillSmith and “Caught Up” by #Usher. He’s also written songs for Justin Bieber, Chris Brown and Ro James. It’s estimated that of all of the albums Ryan has been apart of, 50 million have been sold. He clearly has an ear for music!

Today, Ryan is a loving father of two and is still writing and producing music. He just released a new project this year called Icarus! Check it out.
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