Any time a #HoneyBunchesOfOats commercial comes on, we’re greeted by Mrs. Diana Hunter. She has worked at one of Post’s cereal factories in Battle Creek, Michigan for 40 years and in 2015 she became the unofficial face of the Honey Bunches Of Oats brand.
Mrs. Hunter, who refers to the cereal as “sparkle flakes”, would recant the cutest stories or say the wittiest things in her commercials. “I get out of work and I got to the store and somebody smells around, ‘Mmm, I smell cookies,'” Hunter said in her very first commercial. “I said, ‘Oh no, you just smell me. I just got out of work. That’s Honey Bunches of Oats.'” I’m sure you instantly just loved her like I did!
This week, the pop culture phenom announced her retirement and a coworker tells Buzzfeed that Mrs. Hunter is a “good friend that will be missed.” We will miss you too, Mrs. Hunter, but enjoy those Post commercial coins!!
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