#Roommates, a man apologized to his old basketball teammate from the 1960s in a new touching letter. Why? He simply wanted to say “I’m sorry” for the racism his fellow teammates experienced back in the day.

According to Fox 59, 72-year-old Eugene Britton Carter received the letter from Tom Owens, who expressed regret that three of the black players on the team weren’t welcome to attend a tournament in Georgia.

“I was kind of shocked when I read it because I hadn’t seen or heard from Tom since 1961 and then wrote me a letter apologizing to me for something I almost forgot about,” Carter said.

Tom, however, hasn’t forgotten the day he was forced to leave his fellow black teammates behind.

“I have been thinking about the right thing to say and all and finally about a month ago I finally got the letter written and sent it off to him and was so pleasantly surprised when he immediately called me back to say how much he appreciated it,” Owens shared. “But it bothers me a little bit he’s been carrying that weight on his shoulder for 56 years now how he really felt about it. I never knew because when they came back from Georgia as a team we went on as nothing ever happened.”

Now, the two men are able to put the past behind and focus on rebuilding a new friendship together. “It’s never too late to say I’m sorry and to apologize and also it’s never too late to do the right thing,” Owens added.

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