Model #WinnieHarlow recently visited our good sis #AndyCohen over at #WWHL and received a fan question about when she knew she “made it.” That prompted Andy to give a brief rundown of her success-to-date noting that she really blew up after appearing on #ANTM.

Winnie didn’t necessarily agree and explained that her success came after the show. In fact, she doesn’t believe it actually helped her career and said that being on #ANTM is more of a reality show. “[My success] started after the show, ’cause that really didn’t do anything for my career…which, it doesn’t do anything for any model’s career, realistically,” she said.

So, how exactly did Winnie get discovered, then? 🤔 Well, she chops it up to a photographer hitting her up after he saw some pictures online. She told Andy, “A photographer from London hit me up—major photographer Nick Knight—and he was like, ‘Hey, I’ve seen your photos online, and I want to do a shoot with you.’ It went viral, and I got campaigns from there, and it hasn’t stopped since.”

Winnie later explained that she went on the show, because she thought that it was a great platform to begin a career. “I thought, ‘That’s going to be a career starter.’ But it was really a reality TV show. That’s not what I signed up for.”

“It’s almost like you made it in spite of the show,” Andy responded.

“I wouldn’t like to say that,” Winnie said. “It’s still a part of my history, and I’m really grateful for everything that I’ve done to get where I am. But…you know.”

Check out the full clip below:

Now, you know people social media thought Winnie was being shady, so she nipped that in the bud with a tweet late last night:

Hmm, how many of y’all know Winnie from ANTM? 🙋🏽‍♀️

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