#Roommates, imagine driving home from work, sitting in rush hour traffic, and then suddenly a piece of chicken lands in your lap! Well, that’s exactly happened to Alexis Newsome of west St. Louis County.


“She claims a piece of fried chicken was thrown through her window as she was in the turn lane on Manchester Road trying to get onto 141 Tuesday afternoon,” according to KSDK news. Manchester Police Department is investigating the incident.

“As soon as I started accelerating, a red pickup truck going west, the opposite direction, threw a piece of fried chicken through my window, into my car. At the time it was being thrown I did not know it was fried chicken, I thought it was an egg. I almost swerved and hit the car next to me,” Newsome said.

She said she posted the video online so people could see what it feels like in the moment.

“A piece of fried chicken was thrown through my window, there is only one way to take this. This implies so much negative connotation. Now I have to be upset in front of my child and explain why mommy is upset. I don’t want to have to explain this to my five-year-old, this is not fair,” Newsome said. “It’s not easy living in this brown skin, but I want you to understand. I can’t make you understand if you don’t want to.”

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