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Roommates, ya’ll may remember Kamiyah Mobley’s story.

Back in 1998, a woman named Gloria Williams wore scrubs to look like a nurse and put newborn Kamiyah in a bag before sneaking out of the Jacksonville, Florida, hospital Kamiyah was born in.

Today, the Associated Press is reporting that Williams is going to prison for 18 years after being charged with the kidnapping and raising Kamiyah as her own.

The now 52-year-old testified that she was in an abusive relationship at the time and was suffering from depression after losing custody of her own children. She raised Kamiyah Mobley as Alexis Manigo in South Carolina until she was arrested last year.

Kamiyah found out when she tried to get a driver’s license because she didn’t have a valid birth certificate or Social Security card to obtain one.

Kamiyah has since reunited with her birth parents but feels empathy for the only mother she’s known and begged the judge for a shorter sentence. However, Kamiyah was a no-show at today’s sentencing hearing.

Williams was also sentenced to serve five years concurrently on a charge of custody interference.

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