A 3-year-old boy was tragically shot and killed in Atlanta on Easter Day, and 21 Savage is covering the funeral costs. The rapper, who’s a close family friend, reportedly “didn’t want anybody stressing over arrangements for a funeral.”

According to the Atlanta-Journal Constitution, little T’Rhigi Diggs was shot in the chest as his mom, Roshonda Craig, drove past a gas station Sunday night. Police are still looking for answers in the case. “We’re still trying to piece together exactly what happened,” a spokesman for DeKalb County police said. “The gas station did get sprayed with paint balls about the same time.”

T’Rhigi mom told reporters that 21 Savage’s offer is touching and a big weight off the family. She also said that she saw people in a Dodge Charger with paintball guns right before her son was shot. “Police are investigating whether the shooter might have been provoked by the paintball guns and the child got caught in between, among other possibilities,” AJC reports.

The funeral is set to take place today at Israel Baptist Church in the Kirkwood neighborhood of Atlanta.

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