A Michigan family had one hell of a Halloween #Roommates! A 3-year-old boy was out trick or treating with his family when his dad ended up running him over him, not once, but twice!

According to NYDN, the boy and his older brother, 7, and his 36-year-old father were out cruising around their neighborhood with the rear doors open. Apparently, the little boys legs were just hanging outside the vehicle, and it’s not known if at some point he fell out the car or jumped out.


Witnesses began screaming and the dad slammed on the brakes and accidentally backed over his son. He then drove forward, running over him again.

The father told authorities that he was driving 3 mph when the accident happened. “Charges will be filed,” Captain John Wolffis of the Ottawa County Sheriff’s Office said.  “Bad decisions were made with how the children were sitting,” he added.

The boy suffered injuries to both of his legs.

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