36G Bra Owner, Veronica Correia, Reveals Drake Messaged Her

Owner Of 36G Bra, Veronica Correia, Reveals Drake Advised Her To Ignore The ‘Faceless’ Trolls Online

Veronica Correia, 21, launched her 36G bra at Drake during his New York tour stop–and sis has been on a high since.

Three weeks since she stunned the rapper with her undergarment, Veronica’s Instagram followers have surpassed 98,000. She landed a partnership with Playboy–securing a profile on their new social platform Centerfold.

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And now, in her first podcast appearance, she’s spilling the deets on what went down in the DMs with Drizzy.

Veronica Correia Says Drake Told Her To Ignore The Online Trolls: “People Are Faceless”

The former beauty queen appeared on a Club Amibiton episode published on Aug. 1. After confirming that Drake reached out to her, which she also told Vibe last month, she briefly explained what they discussed.

Veronica Correia said the rapper started by laughing at one of her Insta-Story posts. She says she liked the reaction, then “took a day or two to respond” because she was nervous and didn’t know what to say.

“I wrote out this paragraph basically just thanking him for the experience, an awesome show, like you know, I’m so shocked. And then I told him I owe a coffee shop in Cumberland [Rhode Island] and asked him just if he likes coffee and how he likes it,” Veronica said.

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The 21-year-old mother of one said Drake revealed he takes his coffee “iced and sweet.” From that, she created a signature drink for her coffee shop, Cafe La La, inspired by the Toronto rapper.

She added that Drizzy kept laughing at all of her messages, and she then asked him if he thought she was funny. In true Drake form, his response was, “I think you’re really sought after right now.” 

Veronica Correia says she moved the conversation along by asking him for advice.

“[Drake] said just to live your amazing life. People are faceless and they would never really say the negative comments to your face,” Veronica revealed. “So that was like awww. That’s why now I’m like definately not paying them any attention.”

Though Drake hasn’t followed Veronica Correia on the ‘gram, she agreed with the podcast host that it’d be “fire” if he stopped by her coffee shop.

In her own words:

“Oh my gosh, that would be even bigger than what has happened already. I think I would just pass away,” the entrepreneur said.

Details On Veronica Correia’s Playboy Bunny Partnership

As mentioned, in July, Veronica also spoke with Vibe about her viral experiences and the blessings that have come of it. She told the outlet she’s “grateful” for how everything “turned out.”

Like Drake, Playboy reached out to Veronica Correia in her Instagram DMs–landing on her requests side. She didn’t believe it was real at first.

The former pageant queen explained that the outlet has scouts to recruit “new bunnies” for their subscription platform, Centerfold. She was chosen.

“As one of their newest bunnies, I have my own creator page on their platform, where I post exclusive content for my subscribers. My posts are fun and make me feel beautiful and empowered, and it’s great that I have the opportunity to show other moms that self-confidence can be achieved after giving birth.”

Veronica says “the earning potential alone” is a “key part” of working with Playboy.

With this new gig, she says she’s still able to “run [her] own business, be a mother and pursue [her] dreams.”


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