#Roommates, 50 Cent is well-known for his trolling antics on social media where he drags just about anyone for absolutely anything—just ask his “Power” co-star Naturi Naughton. Well, 50 must have been in good spirits recently because he showed a lot of love to chart-topping singer/rapper Lizzo in response to a very sexy video she just posted.

Lizzo, who is fresh off winning both Video and Album of the year honors at this year’s Soul Train Music Awards, recently shut down the Internet with a sexy video of her in nothing but barely-there lingerie. She posted the video to her Instagram account and was bombarded with comments of praise—and now, 50 Cent can be added to the list of the video’s admirers.

Since 50 has recently deleted his Instagram account, he took to his Twitter page to show some unexpected love and support to Lizzo. He wrote this in response to her video:

“Now that’s the love boat, I’m not saying you can’t Handel it, but you can’t Handel it. Big sexy.”

Could 50 Cent be turning over a new leaf of love and kindness? Has he decided to stop trolling? Only time will tell, but many fans are wondering if his antics with Naturi are causing any behind-the-scenes conflict on the “Power” set.

In case you didn’t know, 50 previously posted memes about Naturi’s hairline and edges. She publicly asked him to stop and many thought that was the end of the situation, but he posted another one, which prompted her to admit that he was really hurting her feelings.


Roommates, what are your thoughts on this?