TSR STAFF: Megan E! @meganryan_e
Okay #Roomies a 4-year-old girl named #KenydiiParker went viral after her aunt shared a video of her walking by herself on Facebook. According to @GMA, Kenydii was born with spina bifida, it is a rare condition in which the baby’s spinal cord does not develop the proper way as the body is developing in the womb. This condition can receive treatment from a doctor, but it can not be cured, there are less than 200,000 spina bifida cases a year in the U.S.
When Kenydii’s parents, Kenneth and Terry Parker found out that their daughter would be born with this condition they were shocked and blindsided. Kenydii was their seventh child, and they had never experienced anything like this before. Kenneth Parker even stated to ABC News: “It felt like our world crashed down because the way [doctors] described it made it seem like the end of the world.” Her parents continued to pray that one day Kenydii would be able to walk like everyone else, it was a dream that she would always tell her parents. That dream didn’t come easy, as she had to get a total of five major surgeries. She had two on her head and three on her legs.
Eventually Kenydii’s parents enrolled her in Durham at a developmental needs Pre-K class at W.G. Pearson Elementary School. Kenyddii had been determined that one day she would walk, and after using a wheelchair for moths she began walking on her own.
Her teachers, Katie McDonnell and Kim Tisdale saw she was walking and decided to bring her outside so her friends could see her. Then the net day, she decided to take the stairs. Her teachers even said she was walking as if she had been walking for years, and they couldn’t be happier.
Source: Good Morning America