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A Former Nurses Aid Gets 15 Years For Sexually Assaulting Patients 

A former nurses aid pleaded guilty to sexually assaulting some of his hospital patients. 
Gonzalo Flores was sentenced 15 years as a result of violating five male patients at St. Vincent’s Medical Center over the course of three years. 
He was first accused, fired, and arrested back in 2014 when a patient told police. 
The patient allegedly told police that he was asleep and woke up to find Flores touching his genital area. He hinted at being uncomfortable with Gonzalo even before the assault. 
As if it’s not humiliating enough to be violated, reports show that Gonzalo tested HIV positive. 
He was assaulting these patients he was supposed to be treating and potentially infecting with something potentially worse than what they came in with! SMH!
It goes without saying that the victims are concerned with their health after learning of Gonzalo’s condition. 
Although there are five victims, the statue of limitations has ran out on two of them. Basically meaning the court lacks jurisdiction to try or punish Gonzalo in their cases. 
The hospital is facing nearly $100 million in lawsuits by the victims. 
Source: NY Post, http://nypost.com/2015/09/04/ex-nurses-aide-gets-15-years-for-sexually-assaulting-patients/
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