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A 28-year-old Florida high school band director #RicardoEmanuelEsquilin said he did not regret having an intimate relationship with his 17-year-old student.
A student at South Broward High School talked to police about the relationship between a 17-year-old student and the school’s band director. According to @miamiherald police investigation took place on December 31st, then a few days later the student told Esquilin over the phone that her mom found “incriminating messages and a condom.” This happened while police were with the 17-year-old, during the investigation.
The relationship between the two began last year in the fall, when Esquilin was mentoring the 17-year-old as she was going through a break up. He would take her off campus to get ice cream, and Esquilin even mentioned they went out to go see a movie.
Once the student and her boyfriend broke up in November 2018, she and Esquilin reportedly began a sexual relationship. That is when the two went to go see a movie at the Swap Shop drive-in, an instead of watching the movie, they had sex in his car. Esquilin claimed the student was very “flirtatious” and that is why that happened.
Check this tea out #Roomies eventually they continued their sexual relationship at his home, her home, and even in the band room at the high school. The student mentioned to police that Esquilin did give her Plan B birth control pills. He claimed sometimes they would have unprotected sex, and in the affidavit he stated “This happened more than once, being in the situation of me not having a condom and her wanting to do more.”
When Detective Debra Levy told Esquilin the student claimed that they had sex a lot, Levy asked how did he feel about the situation. He talked about how he misses his father who passed and is worried about his mom. He then stated “He knows it was wrong and there most likely will be consequences, however, he does not regret being in a relationship with his student.”
In the affidavit, defendant Esquilin stated he “apologized for not being strong enough and for being weak.” For the victim, she “apologized for being honest and told him  she doesn’t want him to be arrested.” Esquilin did not seem to be bothered  about being arrested as he stated “It doesn’t matter what your mother wants, to press charges or not, it still happened’ and ‘It has nothing to do with plans, it’s the law.’”
Source: Miami Herald