A huge brawl broke out in Uganda’s parliament this week, complete with flying chairs, fists and microphone stands! According to sources, lawmakers just couldn’t come to an agreement on the country’s presidential age limit and all hell broke loose.

The Washington Post reports that fighting broke out after a bill was proposed to amend Uganda’s constitution, which currently says that no one over the age of 75 can be president. This caused a bitter debate between lawmakers who support President Yoweri Museveni’s re-election efforts and those who don’t.

President Museveni, who’s 73-years-old and has been in power for 31 years, would be unqualified to run for office again if the current law doesn’t change. Removing the age cap would allow him to extend his rule.

In response to the brawl, the government announced that TV and radio stations ban live broadcasts of parliamentary debates and any over events that “are inciting the public, discriminating, stirring up hatred, promoting a culture of violence … and are likely to create public insecurity.”

Uganda’s next polls are set for 2021.

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Photo: @GettyImages