A #Missouri nurse is facing a murder charge after telling police she accidentally shot her boyfriend in the head while they were drunk off whiskey and reenacting a scene from a movie that involved a gun.

Kalesha Peterson was arrested after she called 911 and told the dispatcher she shot her boyfriend 36-year-old David Dalton in the bedroom of their #Fulton home, according to @abcnews.

Peterson told police that she and her bae were drinking whiskey and that she had also taken prescription drugs before they started acting out a scene from a movie, according to the #CallawayCounty Prosecuting Attorney’s Office.

“Drinking and playing with loaded weapons is not a good thing in any manner or sense,” said Lt. Bill Ladwig of the Fulton Police Department. “This was just an unfortunate isolated incident.”

Peterson is facing a second-degree murder charge and unlawful use of a firearm, according to the Callaway County Prosecuting Attorney.

She is being held on a no-bail warrant at the Callaway County jail, pending arraignment on Friday, according to court officials. She has not yet entered a plea.

Authorities said a bottle of whiskey was found in the bedroom where police officers found Dalton, according to a probable cause affidavit.

“After being advised of her Miranda rights, Peterson advised that she and Dalton had been watching a movie and drinking alcoholic beverages that evening,” the affidavit reads. “Peterson advised that at some point Dalton suggested the two play out a scene in the movie that involved a firearm.”

Peterson even did a breathalyzer test to confirm to authorities that she had been drinking.

Authorities didn’t say what movie the couple was watching. Two shell casings were found at the scene.

This unfortunate story is a reminder that drinking and weapons never go good together. Be safe and exercise good judgment, Roommates!