#Roommates, who among us can say we haven’t binged watched hours of #LawAndOrderSVU? We all know #OliviaBenson, #IceT as #FinTutuola and things still ain’t been the same since #ElliotStabler left.

Well forget about those characters, because the creators of the popular crime franchise have decided to switch things up with a new series that will focus on hate crimes, according to Variety.

“Law & Order: Hate Crimes” will be set in #NewYorkCity and will be based on the stories that come from New York’s actual Hate Crimes Task Force. This version of Law & Order will be introduced in the latter part of the SVU’s upcoming 20th season.

The new show has received a 13-episode commitment.

#Roommates, will y’all be tuning in? Let us know!

TSR STAFF: Christina C! @cdelafresh