#Roommates, now that the summer is here, people are taking trips but it seems like they’re also trippin’ cause a man who was on a Spirit flight has officially been banned for life after he tried to vape in the bathroom.

Now, to get banned from Spirit Airlines you have to be a particular type of person, but I digress. According to @CNN, the man who was eventually banned was headed to New Orleans. A flight attendant later told deputies that she saw the passenger pull out an e-cigarette and take a puff while he was in his seat, he tried to blow the smoke into his bag before she told the man smoking wasn’t allowed on the plane.

Apparently, a few moments later the man got up to go to the restroom and that’s where he set off the smoke alarm. Another passenger said that the man was also reportedly hiding under his jacket and drinking from several bottles of alcohol.

When the plan finally landed and the passenger was arrested, a deputy sheriff said upon meeting the passenger, he was “highly intoxicated” and smelled of alcohol. But get this, the man told the deputy he didn’t know smoking was forbidden on an airplane and denied he smoked in the bathroom.

Roommates, if you’ve never been on a plane before, just so you know… smoking isn’t prohibited. And if by chance there is any confusion, I’m sure the 10 to 12 signs that tell you smoking is not prohibited on a plane as you’re going through the airport should also be a good indicator.

Though the summer just kicked off, but let us try to be on our best behavior Roommates cause some foolery just can’t be tolerated!


Source: https://www.nola.com/crime/2019/06/vaping-passenger-sets-off-smoke-alarm-on-spirit-airlines-flight-to-new-orleans.html