A Pregnant Woman, A Woman Holding Infant & Third Woman Stole Lace Wigs After Attacking Beauty Store Employee

A Pregnant Woman, A Woman Holding Infant & Third Woman Stole Lace Wigs After Attacking Beauty Store Employee

For some people, beauty knows no price! But three women might have a bill coming their way that includes some prison time. On Sunday, a beauty supply store owner revealed that a pregnant woman, a woman carrying an infant and a third woman collectively robbed their store named ‘The Beauty Plug.’ Posting on their Instagram business page, the owner shared photos of the unidentified, alleged perpetrators.

“Tonight we experienced a horrific event. 3 girls came into our store attacked my daughter with pepper spray and stole multiple lace wigs,” the owner wrote in the post caption. “I cannot believe this. If you recognize any of them PLEASE contact us. One was very pregnant and the other was holding a baby that approx. 6-8 months.”


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Apparently, the three women entered the store, pepper sprayed an employee and then dipped out with some new inches! Turns out, that employee is actually the owner’s daughter. Per the post caption, the young lady “is recovering ok.” But like any parent, the owner had a couple words for the three women via the store’s Instagram Story. 

“I hope those wigs were worth it because once you decided to pepper spray my child, you turn a simple petty theft into robbery w/assault & battery and because you had that baby with you, you’ll be charged on that too,” the owner wrote. “Sad that you’re about to lose your children and freedom over some wigs. Dumb low-life.”

Along with the blast, the owner also shared images of social profiles allegedly belonging to each woman. However, The Shade Room cannot confirm the authenticity of each profile at this time.

It’s unclear how long each woman lingered in the store before the attack and robbery. However, folks might get those answers with the release of the security camera footage. Although the owner said they would release the video, as of Tuesday night the only available look at the crime were the posted photos.

According to Local 10 News, police are investigating the incident after a Broward Sheriff’s Office detective spoke to the owner on Monday afternoon.

This is a developing story. 

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