Yesterday it was reported that Aaron Dean, the officer responsible for the fatal shooting of Atatiana Jefferson was arrested and charged with murder, and less than 24 hours later he has been released on bond.

According to USA Today, Dean was released on $200,000 bond hours after being arrested and charged. There is a police press conference set for Tuesday morning, while the family of Jefferson is set to have their own media gathering later in the day.

On Monday, Dean resigned from his position before he was to be fired for the shooting. As we mentioned before, Atatiana was shot and killed by Dean while she was sitting in her home playing video games with her nephew. Dean was responding to a welfare check that was placed by Jefferson’s neighbor who had noticed the front door had been left open.

Lee Merritt the attorney for Jefferson’s family said the family was “relieved” that Dean had been charged for the murder. He continued, If you think this is over you have not been paying attention. Atatiana Jefferson deserved to live in a world where she was safe from brutality playing video games in her home with her nephew. (Her nephew) Zion deserves more too. Let’s change this world into the one he deserves.”