Biden Calls For Airlines To Pay Passengers For Lengthy Delays

President Biden Calls For Airlines To Pay Cash To U.S. Passengers For Lengthy Delays, Cancellations

U.S. President Joe Biden and the U.S. Department of Transportation are looking to write new rules to require airlines to pay passengers in cash for the lengthy flight delays and cancelations they faced and that the airlines themselves are responsible, according to Reuters.

“Our top priority has been to get American air travelers a better deal,” Biden said on Monday.

The Biden administration has made numerous bids targeting airlines and better serve consumer protections for domestic U.S. flights. These protections will extend international flights involving an American carrier’s origin or destination.

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The rules of a potential delay are set to be proposed by the end of 2023. However, it would likely take years to finalize those rules.

Also on Monday, U.S. Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg added that upcoming “summer travel will be putting enormous pressure on the system.”

“Airlines need to accept their fundamental responsibility to better serve passengers,” Buttigieg said.

Airlines Scoff At Biden Compensation Plan, No Amount Specified

While an official amount was not specified, the U.S. Department of Transportation did ask airlines last year if they would pay a minimum of $100 for delays of at least three hours caused by the airlines themselves, according to the outlet.

Meanwhile, some airlines are scoffing at the idea of forking over money for delays.

There is no legal requirement for carriers to compensate American passengers for canceled or delayed flights, but the European Union and other countries require upwards of 600 euros, or $663, for long delays, Reuters reports.

JetBlue Airways’ updated dashboard shows offers for frequent flyer miles, travel credits, or vouchers when faced with cancellations or delays that are under the airline’s control that result in passengers waiting three hours or more.

Alaska Airlines, too, offers travel credits or vouchers, but no airline guarantees cash compensation as proposed by Biden and Buttigieg.

Biden’s approval rating came in at 51% in a poll published by Rasmussen Reports on Monday.


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