Akbar V Claps Back After Khia Drags Her For Her Recent Comments—“She Ain’t Got No Money From The One Hit She Had”

Roommates, the last few weeks have been filled with extreme drama for “Love & Hip Hop Atlanta” star Akbar V, as she and fellow “LHH” star Alexis Skyy recently got into a physical altercation that went on for days and included Akbar making reprehensible remarks about Alexis’ daughter. The backlash against Akbar was immediate—and that also included rapper Khia, who posted a video dragging Akbar, which caused her to post a video clapping back.

During the latest episode of Khia’s online show “Gag Order,” she took some time out to discuss Akbar V’s recent fight with Alexis and her tweets that followed suggesting that she was suffering from depression. As usual, Khia didn’t hold back and hurled continuous insults at Akbar, criticizing her appearance, her music and her need for clout.

In response, Akbar hopped on Instagram live and dedicated several minutes to clapping back at Khia by taking jabs at her career, her finances, the van she drives and her seeming inability to stay out of other people’s business.

At one point during her video, Akbar spoke about Khia saying, “She ain’t got no money from the one hit she had.” Obviously referring to Khia’s 2002 song “My Neck, My Back.”

As we previously reported, Akbar went live on Instagram to talk about the fight she got into with Alexis Skyy and ended up making terrible comments about Alexis’ daughter instead.

During the live video, she said, “Your daughter is retarded because of you,” referring to Alexis. “Tell the truth! You had cocaine in your system. Tell the truth!”

In another portion of the video, Akbar could be heard threatening Alexis Skyy about being in Atlanta before referring to Alexis’ daughter Alaiyah as “braindead” and “retarded.”


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Danielle Jennings