While Alexis Skyy is known for bangin’ body and twerk videos, she also uses her platform to raise awareness from time-to-time.

Today she uploaded a video to her Instagram page to speak out against human trafficking, which she says is currently a big problem in the city of Atlanta where she currently resides.

In the video, Alexis Skyy reveals that she was once a victim of human trafficking, which is why the issue is so important to her.

She took the time to explain to young girls to exercise caution and travel in groups while out because traffickers are preying on young women and even kidnapping them, which makes the streets unsafe for traveling alone.

You can hear her heartfelt plea here:


Alexis explains that Atlanta is one of the top five cities for human trafficking in the United States.

Please be safe out here and watch your surroundings! Always trust your gut!,” Alexis urged young women. “If you observe something strange, PLEASE REPORT IT! I’ve never spoken about this, but I seriously felt compelled to share my story because it can happen to any of us.

Alexis’ message comes on the heels of the tragic murder of Clark Atlanta University student Alexis Crawford, who was found dead after missing for more than a week.

Two people, Alexis Crawford’s roommate and her roommate’s boyfriend, have been charged in Crawford’s murder.