Alicia Keys' Son Genesis, 8, Stands Guard During Performance

Alicia Keys’ Son Genesis, 8, Stands Guard During Recent Performance: ‘Playing No Games On Mom’s Stage!’

Alicia Keys recently had an extra-secure performance thanks to the help of her 8-year-old son, Genesis.

In fact, the singer’s younger son was posted up onstage with her, as he’s “heard how people been acting at shows lately” and wanted to help remind fans to keep themselves in line!

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Swizz Beatz Praised His Son For “Playing No Games” About Alicia Keys: “We Love You And Your Protection”

The moment was highlighted in an Instagram post that Swizz Beatz shared on Monday morning (Jul. 31). Within the upload, Swizz highlighted various snapshots of Genesis posted up with his mother to protect her as she serenaded audience members.

Notably, the first image featured text which read, “He heard how people been acting at shows lately. My boy serious in real life.”

“My boy said I’m not playing no games on mom’s stage! He a real serious one. Thank you Gen we love you and your protection. He didn’t care she was live on stage!”

So, while fans enjoyed Alicia Keys’ performance, they also got to see Genesis remind them to keep themselves in check!

Peep the images down below.

Alicia’s Sons Stay Stealing The Show!

Speaking of Alicia Keys’ younger son, we should add that he recently caught some attention after hilariously calling out his mother for wearing pasties.

In response to seeing Alicia rockin’ the nipple covers, Genesis proclaimed, “You really gonna do this, Mom?!”

After the singer says the pasties are “cool,” the 8-year-old responds, “So everybody can see your boobs?” Hilariously, he also offers suggestions for how to keep audience members from seeing her goods during the performance.

Alicia straightforwardly captioned her video of the interaction, “Genesis was not a fan of my pasties.” Oop!

On top of this interaction, we should add that Genesis appears to love his experience growing up in the limelight.

During a 2016 sit-down with TODAY, Alicia Keys explained that the then-6-year-old was already “starting to get excited about the stage.”

“My little Genesis. He’s only six, so he’s starting to get excited about the stage. He’s like, ‘Mom, are you going to call me on stage?’ And I’m like, ‘Really?!'”

As for her firstborn son, Egypt, Alicia got the opportunity to perform with him at the 2019 iHeart Music Awards.

Regarding Egypt’s performance, the “Fallin'” songstress remarked that he was “so fantastic” while playing the piano as his mother sang.

“He just walked out there like a champion. He was ready.”

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