Amber Rose Checks Tyrese And Rev Run After Saying Her Image Causes Sexual Assault 

Amber Rose Checks Tyrese And Rev Run After Saying Her Image Causes Sexual Assault 

Over the weekend Amber Rose stopped by Tyrese and Rev Run’s new talk show “It’s Not You, It’s Men” and the group got into a debate regarding sexual consent. 

Now you know Muva is not afraid to speak her mind and wants an end to slut shaming. The interview started out with Amber sharing that she frequently gets touched inappropriately by fans when she’s out saying ” I walk down the street, people think because I’m famous, or I’m cool and I’m taking pictures, that they can just grab my ass or put their hand under my skirt or [say], ‘Oh Amber, can I come grab your boobs?’”

Soon after that information is revealed Run and Tyrese suggested that she most likely was getting violated because of her presentation and clothing. Muva wasn’t having that! 

Amber came back with the shut down and responded back with with a hypothetical scenario to further prove her point “If I’m laying down with a man butt-naked and his condom is on, and I say, ‘You know what? No. I don’t wanna do this. I changed my mind.’ That means no. That means f**k no.” She continued with  “It doesn’t matter how far I take it or what I have on, when I say no, it means no.” 

The guys didn’t seem to agree with her plea and Rev offered his opinion of “Dress how you want to be addressed.” 

Amber fired back saying that the request was unrealistic and she should be able to wear what she pleases without there being expectations for assumptions from anyone. 

Check out the video below:
Roommates do you think women should be judged by how they dress? Which side do you agree with? Let’s chat! 

Amber Rose Shuts Down Hosts For Saying She’s Sexually Assaulted Because of Her Image

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