(Exclusive) Amber Rose Confirms Securing Super Bowl Tickets After Jokingly Offering To Toss Someone’s Salad

Amber Rose exclusively gave The Shade Room and fans an update on her Super Bowl ticket search. Muva confirmed with TSR that she secured tickets for the upcoming big game!

Amber Rose Has Received A Variety Of Tickets To The Big Game

The 39-year-old mother of one shared the update while gracing the red carpet at the 2023 GRAMMYs Sunday night. Rose explained that so many contenders have offered her Super Bowl tickets. But “they’re all one-offs all over the stadium.”

Rose explained that she’s waiting for Philadelphia Eagles to get back to her and also offer her some seats.

I’m waiting for the Eagles to hit me back — I’m from Philly, I should be there. And I don’t want to pay 50 grand for tickets.

The mother explained that even though she’s a Philly native, she doesn’t need the extravaganza of even walking the team out on the field. The only perk she wants is “free tickets.”

Amber Rose’s Super Bowl Ticket Contenders

The model then went on to list those that have offered her tickets to the big game.

Charlie Mack [Alston] said he’s going to hook me up… Jason Lee said he’s going to try to hook me up… but I am not eating Jason Lee’s a** for any tickets!


Amber Rose Took The Internet By Surprise With Her Joke About Securing Super Bowl Tickets

Rose took to Instagram last week and shared a post joking about how badly she wanted to secure Super Bowl tickets.

Yo who’s a** I gotta eat to get tickets to the Super Bowl?

The joke, however, revealed individuals such as Diplo and Russell Simmons who seemed to be down for the cause.

Social media users were quick to add their reactions to the men who entered Rose’s comment section with no shame.

Chile 🌚 not Russell pulling up from exile



Uncle Rush ready to get in his yoga position! 🤸🏽‍♂️


Dear Instagram, please allow gifs in the comment section. I need to insert a Nene Leakes facial expression expeditiously


Only 4pm but I think that’s enough Instagram for today.

Roommates, are you happy to hear that Amber Rose has secured her tickets to the big game?

Jadriena Solomon