Apple Warns There Could Be A Shortage Of The iPhone 12 Due To Coronavirus

Apple Warns There Could Be A Shortage Of The iPhone 12 Due To Coronavirus

#Roommates, as the deadly coronavirus continues to spread worldwide, even more consequences have resulted because of it. For all you die-hard iPhone fans, you may not like the latest update regarding the device. According to new reports, the upcoming and highly-anticipated iPhone 12 could be the victim of a massive shortage due to the coronavirus outbreak.

The fatal coronavirus is not only capable of severely impacting your health and causing death—it is now the reason why you may not be able to get your hands on the iPhone 12, which is set to be released later this year. @HighSnobeity reports, earlier this month Apple revealed that it would be temporarily closing its China stores because of the coronavirus outbreak. Well now, that outbreak is the reason that Apple will not be able to meet its quarterly goals—which includes releasing the iPhone 12 in the fall.

Apple is now warning of an impending iPhone shortage due to coronavirus that will likely disappoint millions of die-hard fans of the world’s most popular smartphone. The company has revealed that despite its factories in China recently reopening, iPhone production is still moving slower than expected because of the widespread illness.

Additionally, while some Apple retail stores in China have reopened, a portion of third party retailers still remain closed and others are operating on limited business hours. Apple initially anticipated a $63 to $67 billion return for this quarter and so far, the company has fallen short of that, although the exact loss has not been publicly revealed.

Company stock has also recently fallen 2.3%, showing just how detrimental the coronavirus is on a larger scale. The companies that supply Apple with chips for the iPhone have also suffered a financial loss as well, falling several points on the stock market.

September, which is the usual month for iPhone releases, should be a very interesting one this year.


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