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Arizona Student Joked About School Shooting On SnapChat

A 16-year-old  high school student thought it would be a good idea to joke about planning a school shooting on his SnapChat.

The teen who attends Sierra Linda High School in Phoenix,  put up a short clip of him waking through the school hallways with the caption “planning the school shooting.”

His Snap message ended up being seen by a student named Kaylee who was hundreds of miles away in Colorado. 

After seeing the message she made sure to screen shot it, which notified the boy that someone saved it. He then hit her up and in chatting she was able to find out what high school he went to. 

Considering all the school shootings that take place, she was scared and took the unknown prank very seriously, reporting the information to the police. 

Police were able to locate the boy and ended up arresting and charging him with creating a hoax, which is a felony in the state of Arizona.
Source Cited: NY Daily News

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