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Arizona Woman Forced To Leave Apartment Due To Unwanted Guests Seeking Intimacy | TSR Investigates

Imagine the shock and confusion you’d feel after unwanted guests repeatedly attempted to enter your home. Now, imagine those guests were also there under the impression they were about to get busy in the bedroom!

Well, that’s the exact circumstances Arizona woman Deonna Chewning began to experience in December 2023.

Now, The Shade Room’s Justin Carter is investigating what exactly is happening to the woman and why for ‘TSR Investigates.’

Here’s What Happened To Deonna Chewning

According to Carter, on December 22, 2023, an individual in an Amazon uniform arrived at her doorstep. When she answered, the worker immediately apologized, explaining he had the wrong address.

However, the incident continued with different men showing up at Chewning’s apartment. Then, when she inquired about their visits, she received information that shocked her.

Carter reports that the men were “cruising for hookups on the Sniffies app.” According to Slate, the app serves as a “gay hookup site,” which allows users to meet up in nearby locations.

Chewning soon learned that a user had taken to the app and invited various men to her apartment in Phoenix.

“So I had three guys arrive within a forty-five-minute timeframe…” Chewning told Carter. “You can’t just show up at people’s houses and people are telling them that my door is unlocked. So that’s why these men were physically trying to open my door.”

The Arizona Woman Takes Action

According to Carter, Chewning reported the visits to the police, notified the management of her apartment, and even purchased a Ring camera. However, with no luck, the visits continued into the new year.

Scroll above to watch as Carter and Chewning try to find the suspect behind the weird visits and share how her apartment and police authorities have responded thus far.

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