Diving into Sports Betting Trends: A Middle Eastern Perspective

Diving into Sports Betting Trends: A Middle Eastern Perspective

Gambling in the Middle East has a long history, dating back to when it helped resolve conflicts and earn power in the region. From those ancient times to today, gambling has gone through several changes. For example, once religious authorities used to deprecate gambling, which was banned. However, in recent times, it has become less prohibited and even accepted in urban areas. With this article, we want to shed light on the shifting of gambling in the Middle Eastern region and highlight the approach of today's people to sports betting.

Regulations And Laws

Each country in the Middle East has specific gambling laws that affect the approach to these entertainment activities. However, the spread of sports betting and casino platforms reduces the gap for many players and allows them to access gambling via a VPN service provider.

Some countries like Qatar, Saudi Arabia, and Kuwait still forbid gambling. Others, like Lebanon, are more open-minded to gambling to the point of issuing licenses to poker rooms and sportsbooks.

The Middle East - A Prominent Sports Hub

Despite strict regulations and laws, the Middle East has recently become a large sports hub and a prominent destination for sports like football and camel races. Hosting international football events, like FIFA 2022, has taken Qatar, the UAE, and Saudi Arabia to put huge investments into constructing innovative stadiums and training facilities. This step forward has turned the region into a must-stop sports hub for football clubs, players, and millions of fans from abroad.Online sports betting

At the same time, a growing interest and participation of local authorities and governments in constructing new sports facilities encourage the development of sports betting in the region. As sports fans get acquainted with the region's approach to high-level sports events, they are increasingly considering sports betting as a new entertainment for enjoying their favorite sports, and - why not? - try their luck.

Online Sports Betting In The Middle East

Sports betting platforms play a significant role in driving the industry in the Middle East. With access to online sportsbooks, sports fans from Arabic countries can choose from a wide range of betting options by using a VPN. Moreover, the internet provides ample informative articles and news to empower sports bettors in making informed decisions and placing refined bets across various sports, including camel races, horse races, rally racing, Formula 1, and football.

As a rule of thumb, today's Arab bettors can trust the online sports betting directory at 7alalcasino which provides them with updated information about the most recommendable sites for online sports betting in the region. The directory shows reviews and ratings for each online sportsbook, and bettors can get a 360-degree view of the current market. Also, the directory offers attentive articles about betting strategies and tips on making the most of a small bet. Occasional bettors and beginners can find all they need to start placing a bet safely and wisely.


The gaming and betting realm in the Middle East has changed increasingly. Gambling was forbidden by religious authorities in the past, but it's now regarded with a more progressive attitude. As a result, market experts expect to see an exponential growth of gaming opportunities in the region,  a major actor in the gaming industry and online sports betting segment.


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