JetX Mostbet: platform characteristics

JetX Mostbet: platform characteristics

JetX Mostbet: platform characteristics

JetX Mostbet is in high demand and this is due to its functional platform, easy usage and clear interface. Even a beginner can figure out how the site works, it has a small set of functions and tools that are easy to use. Additionally, you can familiarize yourself with the information that is indicated on the platform On it you can study the complete instructions on how to play and place bets in the JetX game.

Website design for Jet X slot machine

According to the plot of the game Jet X, the whole process is based on the rise and fall of a rocket or plane. And it should be borne in mind that it will fall anyway, the main thing is to have time to close the bet before this moment, otherwise you can lose all the money. The size of the gambler's winnings (and whether he will receive it at all) will depend on when this plane will fall.

Interface and design of the slot

Jet X slot machine has a nice design and user-friendly interface. It can also be used in jetx demo mostbet. In the main part of the screen there is a playing field where a person sees the airfield strip and the plane. As the aircraft gains altitude, clouds appear on the screen, and after that space.

Under the playing field are the main buttons for interacting with the game, they perform the following functions:

  • Bet – set the bet size;
  • Collect – set the game to stop when the specified coefficient is reached;
  • Place your bet - place your bet;
  • Place your next bet – place your next bet;
  • Cancel - cancel the bet and collect the winnings (during the flight).

On the left side of the screen are the odds where the game stopped in the last rounds. The right side displays the history of bets, chat with other players and game statistics. All these features are available in jetx demo versions.

Visual component

Before betting on a plane in jetx, you should study the main features of the visual design of the slot. It has the classic design of old video games. The developers were able to create a classic simplification.

The top panel contains sections with the player's balance, a button to turn the sound on and off, in this area you can go to the rules. On the left there is a table with the coefficients of the last rounds. Returns below 1.50 are highlighted in red, higher numbers are highlighted in green. The player can perform calculations, determine how often certain multipliers have recently fallen out.

At the bottom of the screen, the developer SmartSoft Gaming installed buttons for fixing the JetX bet. If desired, you can automate the process of betting and withdrawing winnings. On the right is a table with the names of the players received during the round with payments. Developers additionally allow the possibility of communication via chat.

In the center is the main field. The beginning of each session is accompanied by the boarding of passengers. This takes 6 seconds. JetX accepts bets at the time of boarding people. You can also put it right after the takeoff of the board for the next iteration.

In the jetx game, the round starts with a 1.00 multiplier at the airfield. Gradually, the plane is gaining altitude, there is a change in the surrounding background. The board flies through the clouds, goes into the stratosphere and overcomes the planets of the solar system. The end of each round is accompanied by an explosion of the jet, the inscription "Boom" appears. The slot fixes the final multiplier. It is immediately displayed on the scale on the left. Additionally, to increase the probability of winning, you can use jetx mostbet strategiya.

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