Help, the dog is shaking and not eating

Help, the dog is shaking and not eating

The dog is shaking and you don't know what could be causing it? There may be many reasons for this condition and they do not necessarily mean a disease, but it is worth taking a closer look at the dog so as not to miss important symptoms.

Animal tremors can be caused by a variety of health-related reasons. Some of them are completely natural and more characteristic of dogs. For example, dogs of small breeds are often very emotional and can cause them to tremble. However, if you notice that the dog is shaking and not eating, the animal needs help.

Why is the dog shaking?

From biology textbooks, you may remember that trembling is an unconditional reflex. For example, it can be a manifestation of emotional excitement: aggression, joy and others. After strong emotions, the body can still tremble.

If you notice a tremor in a dog, then you need to pay attention to its self-esteem.

Pay attention to the following signs in your pet:

- the dog does not eat or drink;

- High temperature;

- Dog fur is not so shiny;

- The dog's skin may start to turn white;

- tachycardia (rapid heartbeat);

- cyanosis of the mucous membranes;

- upset or vomiting in the dog;

- Suddenly the dog becomes aggressive or vice versa - sluggish.

The dog is shaking

If your dog has 2-3 of these symptoms, be sure to visit a veterinary clinic. The reasons may be different - poisoning of dogs, heart problems, diseases of the nervous system, heat stroke and others. It is important to make an accurate diagnosis and conduct treatment in a timely manner.

If the dog does not eat and shivers and is in pain at the same time, then this condition is extremely dangerous and can be caused by a tick bite that could be infected.

The disease progresses very quickly and 15 minutes after the bite, the dog begins to tremble very much, breathing becomes faster, begins to lose balance and cannot get up. Urine becomes reddish. If the diagnosis is confirmed, an antiviral injection should be given immediately.

The causes of these symptoms may be various pathologies, as well as the presence of worms, which is also quite dangerous for a dog. It is not necessary to consider trembling and lack of appetite as a pathology, since these are symptoms that something is wrong in the body, and not a disease.

If you notice that suddenly your dog is shaking for no reason and does not want to eat, then you need to make sure that this is not related to any health problems and seek help from a veterinarian. Join the Golden Star Casino Community and Discover a World of Excitement!
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