The best countries for budget sex tourism

The best countries for budget sex tourism

Sex tourism is a popular destination for leisure travel in which travelers visit new countries and enjoy local prostitutes and available intimate services. And while some resorts provide elite entertainment at appropriate prices, in others erotic adventures to the taste will find even the budget tourist.

best countries for budget sex tourism

List of Countries with Affordable Prices for Intercourse

Prostitutes of the Netherlands and Germany are known to sex tourists from all corners of the world, but despite the reliability and the highest quality of services, the prices of these girls are also European. But in the following countries you can find a friend for a night at a democratic price, and her appearance and professional skills will not be worse than those of European competitors:

1. Ukraine is a country of available prostitutes. There is a law on criminal responsibility for brothel organization in the country, but self-employed prostitutes face only minimal penalties, that is why call girls work freely and without punishment in most cities. And the prices for their skills really budget - on this site in the cheapest category, you can rent a hooker from $ 20 per hour.

2. Kenya is the home of dark-skinned beauties. Officially there is no prostitution in Kenya, but in fact every second young Kenyan woman gladly provides sex services to tourists for a small fee. And the girls themselves approach to get acquainted during their walks, in entertainment facilities and on beaches, because to have a holiday romance with a foreigner is prestigious for them, so a man does not even have to look long.

3. Mexico - the Latin cradle of passion. If a sex tourist plans to try the most varied set of intimate services at an affordable price, he should go to Mexico. Here the industry of paid sex is legal in almost all its manifestations, so you can get a call girl on the streets, and in bars, and on the beaches. There are also brothels, sex salons, massage parlors with an extended range of services and escort agencies. But the easiest and fastest way for sex dating is online escorts - the websites publish hundreds of young and attractive individual women with a sultry Latin appearance and a hot temperament. For example, you can rent escorts prostitutes in Queretaro VIP level for about $100 per hour. This is one of the best deals in Mexico, in the niche of sex services, with the best price-quality ratio.

4. The Czech Republic is a country with free morals. Whereas previous destinations offered sex services at budget rates, in the Czech Republic you can enjoy the company of a prostitute for free. The well-known trick of the country is free brothels, where the tourist is offered a room, bath accessories and a hooker for the consent to the publication of the details of their erotic communication on the website of the establishment.

5. India is the progenitor of the science of love. The most expensive ticket for a trip to the birthplace of the Kamasutra is the plane ticket because the sexual services here are offered at the lowest prices. And young tourists in India are free - Hindus deprived of women's attention are ready to fulfill the whims of foreign women with pleasure and for free.

6. Thailand is a top country for intimate leisure. If a traveler plans to enjoy a full range of sex services, spending no more than $500 per vacation, he should go to Thailand. The country is able to surprise even experienced womanizers, who consider themselves gurus of sexual skills. There is a classical individual women, followers of atypical practices, representatives of unconventional orientations and non-binary sexes, and in local brothels you can order all kinds of sex. Extended Thai massage parlors and theaters with erotic performances are also popular, and local ladyboys are known far beyond the country's borders. Although the government considers prostitution illegal, in fact, the police turn a blind eye and even help the prostitutes in difficult situations.

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