4G, which is now also starting to get competition from 5G, has made it possible for players to access casinos from mobile almost anywhere and anytime.

As the mobile devices have also received increasingly higher performance, the experience is getting better and better thanks to high-quality graphics and fast loading times that benefit the user experience. A lot of the best casinos you find at

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As a result of the advancement of technology, many of the casinos have integrated their platforms with e-authentication. The fact is that digital identification services such as BankID mean advantages for both the gambling companies and their customers, for example in the case of casinos without a Swedish license BankID including improved security and increased trust between operators and customers. There are several reasons why e-identification is becoming such a necessary component in the modern gaming world. In this article, we take a closer look at these reasons and how digital verification benefits both casinos and players.

This is how identification works at the online casino

Every online casino has a great responsibility to ensure that its players are adults. To play for money, you must be 18 years old. You are more likely to understand the risks of gambling at this age, compared to when you are younger and do not understand consequences in the same way. In order to ensure that the identity of the players is genuine, casinos usually use different techniques to legitimize the players.

In Sweden, all gambling companies that operate online, usually online casinos and betting sites, must allow their customers to identify themselves with e-identification. This is according to the Swedish gambling regulations, which also require the gambling companies to provide a Spelpaus where customers can quickly disconnect themselves from gambling for money if they wish. BankID has thus become a secure system used by, among other things, Swedish online casinos to quickly identify users. This means that the betting company can partly see that the person is over 18 years old, and partly that the person does not have an active break via Spelpaus, which means that the person cannot play until the time period has expired.

Different rules at casinos without a Swedish license

At a casino without a Swedish license, it looks a little different in terms of registration and identification. This is because customers do not use BankID to start playing, but instead often have to take a photo of their passport or driver's license and send it in digitally, together with proof that they live at the specified address (for example, electricity bill). These methods help online casinos to ensure that the player is over 18 years of age and has the conditions for responsible gambling and staying within their financial limits.

Deposits with BankID to play

In addition to registration, BankID has also meant several advantages for the gaming experience itself. Being able to deposit money with BankID at an online casino has been a change for many players. It is not only safe and secure, but it is also easier than, for example, entering your entire card number to deposit money. The technology ensures that sensitive information is only stored with the bank, which means that data is never disclosed to third parties.

This helps to create trust in the online gaming world, as customers feel safe knowing that their information is in a trusted place. When customers feel increased security, it instills confidence in the gambling company, which therefore benefits from the technology. When withdrawing from the casino, the money is sent back to the same bank account linked to the BankID without the player having to pay additional fees, which means that you can potentially access winnings faster and without effort.

Enable faster payments

It has thus become both easier and faster to do banking online, thanks to BankID. The service is used today both for purchasing products and services online, for example at an online casino, and for logging in to government websites, including the Swedish Tax Agency and the Social Insurance Agency. All that is required is a working BankID in the mobile phone, tablet or computer, together with a personal numerical code.

When it comes to transferring money, the transactions are carried out quickly and securely. It is not very difficult to imagine why companies have chosen this solution for their customers' online payments. The requirement for a BankID to play for money online in Sweden means an advantageous situation for several parties. It is part of the work of the authorities – the Swedish Gaming Authority when it comes to, for example, casinos and lotteries – to protect consumers and especially young people. BankID then means a secure barrier against minors gaining access to games. Even the gambling companies can offer quick registration thanks to BankID, and the fact that it takes place without hassle is also appreciated by the customers.

Avoid risks of fraud

One risk with the technology is falling victim to phone scams and other fraud. The police are working to inform more people to never log in to BankID in case they are called by a person who urges them to do so. Another important security measure is to keep your code secret and keep the mobile screen hidden if, for example, you need to use BankID outside the home among people.

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