Varieties of sci-fi movies on 123Movies

Varieties of sci-fi movies on 123Movies

Many people love such genre as sci-fi: stories about fictional worlds are exciting, and a kind of escapism allows you to escape from boring reality, to touch something mysterious and fabulous. The 123Movies platform offers quality sci-fi movies, including novelties with stunning special effects, which are best to watch on a big screen TV.

Varieties of sci-fi movies on 123Movies


Main genres of sci-fi in the online movie theater

The most famous genre for real intellectuals is science fiction. It is based on fictional achievements in the field of modern technology and fictional scientific theories. Examples of this direction include the famous TV show "Stargate". There is a more precise direction - hard science fiction, which is quite rare in cinematography. Here the plot is based not on fictional theories, but on quite real knowledge from the world of physics.

Space opera is a genre for those who prefer large-scale events and a lot of special effects. Here the plot is built around whole galaxies and the entire universe - the spectacle is really exciting! In the course of the plot, the viewer can see impressive battles with the use of super-modern technology. A typical example of such a genre is "Star Wars".

Separately, it is worth highlighting combat fiction, which in most cases is characterized by a more primitive plot, rapidly developing action and grandiose battles, in which futuristic weapons are used.

Temporal direction is very popular in cinematography, it is enough to remember only "The Butterfly Effect" and "Back to the Future". This genre is very interesting, because it is associated with time travel, which means that it will help to touch the long-gone times or a bright future.

Apocalyptic genre is connected with fictional global catastrophes, epidemics and zombie invasions: many people are interested in seeing how heroes survive and retain human form in inhuman conditions.

Finally, let's talk a little about social fiction, which in turn is divided into utopia (describes an ideal society without crime and violation of moral laws), dystopia (a model of society with certain violations and limitations) and dystopia (describes the dehumanization of society, its moral decay). Of examples, it is worth highlighting the popular TV show "The Handmaid's Tale", as well as numerous screen adaptations of classic works.

Large selection of sci-fi movies on 123Movies

This platform features many movies and TV shows of this genre, with different plot directions - from apocalypse to time travel. Here are the main advantages of the platform:

  • Films on the site appear regularly, here you can also get acquainted with fresh novelties that have not long ago passed in theaters.
  • Convenient search by different genres, you just need to select the desired category, country and year of the movie. You can also just enter the name of the movie or TV show, in a few seconds you will be able to see the results.
  • Most videos are presented in high quality, you can change the quality settings at your discretion.
  • All movies can be viewed for free, you do not need to pay money for a subscription or specify your bank card number. This will allow you to save significantly, without spending money on other streaming services.
  • Viewing is available without restrictions - watch a lot of movies and TV shows every day!

Come to 123 Movies and get acquainted with the world of fiction!

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