Flers. A card game invites you to travel the world

Flers. A card game invites you to travel the world

A team from the MJC in Flers, in the Orne region, around Clara Guy, has developed a card game about youth mobility. It will be published in 500 copies.

"I always wanted to make a game", explains Clara Guy, youth and international mobility coordinator at the Maison des jeunes et de la culture (MJC) in Flers, Orne. She coordinates the team of two international volunteers and three French civic services of the MJC.

In November 2020, with the reconfiguration, a brutal stop is put on all the activities of the MJC. While waiting for things to get going again, the decision was made to create a game.

But a game, what for? "In my position, I have to raise awareness and accompany young people so that they can go abroad in the best conditions. To reassure them if they have a problem. So we created a game with all the possible problems that can be encountered abroad: losing one's identity card, one's phone..." Thanks to numerous questionnaires and meetings with potential clients, the needs were refined: a family game that is educational, fun, and makes you want to pack your bags.

Singing in Italian

Clara Guy knows all about international mobility. But for the game aspect, it's a different matter. So began a year of intense work to define the contours and terms of the game. A board game? A Monopoly? A game of goose? And how to define a winner? Also wondering if it will be available on the online casino websites.

"In 2021, we welcomed Axel, in civic service, with the mission to help us develop this game. We have discussed it a lot and exchanged ideas with other creators of a game on mobility." A partnership has also been established with the Flers toy library and its employee, Samuel Gérault. The graphic designer Héloïse Goude created the vignettes and pictograms.

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"At first, we wanted to make a board game, but we finally decided on a card game, with 33 countries. In the end: a dice, money tokens, a card to count the points, 42 "problem" cards, with difficulties related to travel, and 15 cards per country. On these cards, actions to choose. You're going to Italy, do you want to go to the opera, or eat Italian ice cream? But is gelato really Italian? And could you sing Italian songs?

Depending on what you choose, you earn points for sociability, adaptability, knowledge of the language or culture, or money tokens. "It starts a discussion, it allows us to tell each other stories about our stays abroad." And who wins? It's hard to pick a winner in this type of game," admits the young woman. We are, in the end, all winners in one of the categories."

No cows on the ice

The game, named Glob'trotteur after six months of intense reflection, will be published in 500 copies and the MJC should receive the boxes in mid-May. The cost of the project is about 35,000 €, including design, printing, and communication costs. The CAF has allocated €5,000 and Créavenir, an association of Crédit Mutuel, €800. "We also have an appointment with the Region. If we receive a subsidy, it will reduce the price at which we will sell the game."

According to forecasts, the general public could acquire a box of the game for about €30, and professionals between €45 and €50, with personalized support. "We have a list of youth structures that are already interested", Clara Guy assures.

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But for the moment, the country maps need to be finished, where you can learn about gastronomy or the places to visit. A big job for Clara Guy and the volunteers, reported https://indiasneed.com/review/10cric-review-casino/. Some countries ("especially the Balkans"), required a lot of research time, but the volunteers sometimes found nice intercultural surprises.


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