How to make an aromatic candle

If you want to make decorative detached aromatic candles, you must first select paraffin or wax suitable for this type of candles. Pay attention to the purchase. Some paraffins or waxes are too soft and are suitable only for candles flooded in containers.

For this type of aromatic candle, you will need a form. Forms can be plastic, metal or silicone. The latter have the widest possibilities in terms of forms, ornaments and decorative notes. In addition to conventional candle forms, we have the opportunity to use forms from secondary raw materials - any bank, whether a can of drinks or a pot from under green peas, an old glass will become the perfect form for the candle. Also perfectly fit any cardboard boxes from under the juice.

Remember that a separate candle should be installed "upside down". In practice, this means that the bottom of the form will ride your candle. The form should have a hole in the bottom, through which you can stretch the wick. The wick should be about 3 cm long when you pull it through the candle (it is better to cut off more superfluous than to look for wick in the candle). So that the wick is not absorbed into the form during the pouring of paraffin or wax or during the pouring of paraffin or wax, it is recommended to fasten it in shape with plasticine or gypsum. It also seals the form and prevents the leakage of liquid paraffin.

Since each wick has two ends, we need to go to the rest of the phytyl. So far, the wick is attached on the one hand. The remaining part of the wick is slightly stretching and we have so that it takes place vertically through the center of the form. A good way to do it is to bind wick with a wand, for example, a kebab chopper or a pencil, which will mark the center of the candle and at the same time hold the wick in place.

The most difficult behind. Now just the most interesting. You will need two saucepans with a thick bottom. One old pan that is no longer suitable for cooking, you put paraffin into it. Paraffin saucepan (water bath) is placed in a large saucepan with water. So we melted paraffin.

In the process of melting, you can add candleted dyes, decorations and essential oils, which give the aromatic candles a beautiful smell and view. In the manufacture of candles you can also add spices, such as cinnamon or vanilla. When paraffin or wax and the dye completely dissolve, mix everything together. When paraffin is melted, slowly and gently pour it into a prepared candle shape. Remember that paraffin is slightly reduced in the amount when cooled, so you probably have to add a little more to compensate for the loss in the form. Now it's time to wait. Depending on the size of the form, the paraffin can cool from a few minutes to several hours. 1xbet is currently one of the most popular and reputable sites on the online betting market, with a generous Welcome Bonus. Get a free 1xBet Promo Code for today Promo Code 1xBet for sports betting Free bets online ✓ High Odds ✓ 24-Hour Customer Service. 1xBet Promo Code for today, as they are regularly changed. The information is not up-to-date everywhere,One of the fantastic 1xBet sign up offers is the sports bonus, available for users in qualifying countries within Europe.To obtain 1xbet promo code freebet, Enter the code ; +130€ max at first deposit (instead of 100€)


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