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Atlanta Woman Goes VIRAL With “Who TF Did I Marry” TikTok Series Sparking Online Debate About Blind Love & Desperation (WATCH)

An Atlanta woman has taken the internet by STORM with a 50-part TikTok series. In the clips, she’s accusing her ex-husband of being a pathological liar.

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Here’s A “Who TF Did I Marry” Summary

About a week ago, a woman with the TikTok user @reesamteesa took to the platform to share a video titled, “Part One- Who TF Did I Marry??” The nine-minute clip immediately hooked viewers as Teesa explained that she met her husband of five months during the COVID-19 pandemic.

From there, she delves into the many “red flags” she missed in their romance. This allegedly included her husband using multiple identities, lying about his financial status, and even his position at work.

According to USA Today, the pair moved in with one another amid the pandemic. Teesa’s husband, whom she dubbed “Legion” for the series, seemingly covered all the household bills as they searched to purchase a home.

Multiple attempts on the big purchase apparently fell through. However, in January 2022, the pair married.

From there, Teesa would begin to receive the shock of her lifetime as she discovered her husband was not the Vice President of a condiment company. Furthermore, Legion reportedly falsified legal documents, lied about his social security number, and utilized false bank statements.

To make matters more surprising, the man reportedly had a criminal record that had not been disclosed to Teesa, as well as past marriages. And — if that wasn’t enough — Legion reportedly has a twin brother whose life he appeared to attempt to emulate.

Watch Teesa’s initial TikTok below and swipe to see some of the other facets her husband allegedly lied about.

Social Media Goes Crazy

Social media users shared their astonished reactions to the woman’s viral story in The Shade Room’s comment section.

Instagram user @shi.soul wrote, Im bout to start telling people ‘ you a legion ass lie’🦦😂”
While Instagram user @giulzvelez added, she needs to be on the feb 2024 shade room calendar”
Instagram user @biancaaam_ wrote,Them red flags was looking like six flags to her 😭😭”
While Instagram user @taneshass added,Netflix, sign the deal NOW 😩”
Instagram user @brooklyn_show wrote. Tyler Perry probably on a script NOW!”
While Instagram user @herlifesparkles added, “Do you know how insane you have to be to remember your own lies and the lies for all the people you done made up??? Like 😵‍💫🤣”
Instagram user @tylermarie0245 wrote, I cleaned my whole house to this & was still only on part 34 😫🤣 it’s 5hrs long but worth it. She took accountability, admitted she was desperate no need to further tear her down just glad she is out of it and healing.”

While Instagram user @shop_aif added, “I don’t trust a soul now. 😩”

Reesa Teesa’s Experience Mirrors Another Woman’s Viral Story

As The Shade Room previously reported, Shareza Jackson sat down for an exclusive interview on ‘Stepping Into The Shade Room,’ which premiered in January. During her appearance, Jackson alleged that her ex-husband, “Don,” did not inform her he had children amid claiming he was allegedly divorced from his wife.

Ultimately, her relationship with Don cost Jackson a whopping $1.4 million.

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