Hennessy Pedicures: Atlanta Spa Goes Viral For Offering (WATCH)

Say What?! Atlanta Spa Goes Viral After Offering Hennessy Pedicures To Customers (WATCH)

A nail spa in Atlanta, Georgia, is gaining attention after its Hennessy pedicure service trended on social media.

According to Complex, the liquor giant took to X, formerly known as Twitter, and reacted to Buckhead Signature Nails’ viral clip on Wednesday.

The viral video shows a woman getting a “fancy experience,” which included having Hennessy drizzled over her feet.

No one could have anticipated this beauty trend, not even the brand.

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More About The Viral Video Showing The Hennessy Pedicures

The woman shared her experience getting a 24K gold pedicure at the nail spa. But the Henn stole everyone’s attention.

The content creator began the video by asking, “Atlanta, have you ever had a back massage or a mobile bar with signature drinks and snacks while getting a pedicure?”

“I have a unique experience for you here at Buckhead Signature Nails,” she continued. “They have the 24-karat gold pedicure, where they actually put the gold on your feet, and it feels amazing.”

She added, “They give back massages, they have the jelly pedi here, and I highly recommend this unique experience here. It is like no other. They are one of the biggest nail shops in Atlanta.”

Social Media Reacts To The Hennessy Pedicures

Social media immediately began to drag the new beauty practice.

One X user commented, “Atlanta b tryna sqeeze Hennessy & mimosas in EVERYTHING.”

In addition, others expressed that it was a waste of money.

One user wrote, “$0.25 worth of liquor probably $90 service. Americans eat up a good scam.”

Someone quipped, “Pour Hennessy in my pedicure water & im flipping all that sh** over.”

The Liquor Brands Joins In On The Convo

Additionally, Hennessy hopped into the conversation and responded, “We hope not?!” to an X user who shared the original clip.

The brown liquor brand decided to inject a little humor. They followed up with a clip of Janet Jackson’s character (Patricia Agnew) from Tyler Perry’s 2010 film, Why Did I Get Married Too?

In the scene, she pleads with her girlfriends to “fix it.”

X users loved the Cognac company’s comic response.

One user wrote, “give them raise immediately,” accompanied by laughing emojis.

Someone else typed, “I’m crying, why are y’all like this?”

Another added, “Oh, I might have to start drinking Hennessy after this post.”


It doesn’t seem like the cognac company is on board with the Hennessy pedicures.

Roomies, would you be down to take your feet for a dip?

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