Back in 1993, a woman named #AyannaJackson accused rapper #Tupac of raping her after they left Nell’s Nightclub together. Tupac was eventually charged with first-degree sexual abuse and sentenced to 1 1/2 years to 4 1/2 years in prison, but only served nine months after posting a $1.4 million bail during a pending appeal, thanks to Suge Knight.

For the first time in 25 years, Jackson, 44, has finally spoken up about her alleged ordeal with @VladTv and details the events leading up to it as well as what happened afterwards. Jackson tells #VladTv that after their first night together, she had met up with him “two or three times” for dinners and nights out on the town, but didn’t have sex any of those occasions.

Some months later, Tupac’s road manager #CharlesFuller called Jackson and told her that he wanted to see her. She obliged and met him at his hotel suite. Three of his friends were in the living room along with Fuller and she says they fixed her a drink as she waited for Pac to come out of his room. He eventually met her, but told her he was tired and wanted to go back to his room so they did and Jackson proceeded to give him a massage.

They began to kiss when all of a sudden, Jackson noticed the men from the living room entering the bedroom which was closed off. She tried to see what was going on, but at this point Tupac had allegedly wrapped his hands around her hair so that she couldn’t move and could only see him. That’s when he said the unthinkable to her.

“Relax, baby. These are my boys. I like you so much I decided to share you with them,” Tupac allegedly said to which, Jackson repeatedly said, “No!” and that she “didn’t want this.” Almost immediately after, she claims to have been raped by Tupac, citing that the act wasn’t consensual since there were multiple people in the room. Jackson also claimed that Haitian Jack and a man named Trevor proceeded to rape her after Pac left the room. Fuller never assaulted her although he was also charged with rape.

After everything happened, Jackson remembered being in shock and angry that Tupac would violate her in that way.

“Tupac was lying on the couch. In my mind I’m thinking, ‘This motherf***er just raped me, and he’s lying up here like a king acting as if nothing happened,’” she said. “So I began crying hysterically and shouting, ‘How could you do this to me? I came here to see you. I can’t believe you did this to me.’” Tupac allegedly responded with, “I don’t have time for this s***. Get this b****h out of here.”

This interview is very graphic so please be advised! You can check it out below:

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