Ayesha Curry & Sydel Curry-Lee Pay Homage To Their Roots

Here’s How Ayesha Curry & Her Sister-In-Law Are Inspiring Families To Pay Homage To Their Roots

Ayesha Curry and her sister-in-law are paying homage to their roots and inspiring others to do the same with the relaunch of their wine brand, Domaine Curry.

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More Details Regarding Domaine Curry

According to Blavity, Ayesha Curry and Sydel Curry-Lee initially came up with the idea of Domaine Curry in 2015. According to an exclusive press release received by the outlet, inspiration struck the pair when they toasted to the women of their family during a family gathering.

The San Francisco Chronicle adds that the brand officially launched in 2018 with a Cabernet Sauvignon. Vine Pair notes that Cabernet Sauvignon is “known for its dark color, full body,” and higher alcohol content. Additionally, the wine features a “dry” taste that is best enjoyed when paired with red meat entrees.


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Furthermore, the San Francisco Chronicle notes that the blend was called Femme 31. The outlet reports that the name seemingly references the pair’s favorite bible verse, Proverbs 31.

King James Bible Online notes that the verse discusses the work of the “virtuous woman.”

According to Blavity, Proverbs 31 has been Curry and Curry-Lee’s “guiding principle since the product’s inception.” The exclusive press release received by the brand reportedly adds that the women regard the verse as an “ode” to “sisterhood, empowerment, legacy, and self-determination.”

Ayesha Curry & Sydel Curry-Lee’s Latest Wine Releases

The San Francisco Chronicle notes that Ayesha Curry sold her Napa Valley winery to the “fifth largest U.S. wine company,” Constellation Brands, in June.

Since then, Domaine Curry has relaunched, adding a “Founders Blend” of red wine. According to Blavity, Curry and her sister-in-law believe the products “reflect shared values of inclusivity, quality and innovation.”

“Throughout our lives, wine has always been a way to bring our friends and family together. We are fortunate to be surrounded by so many impressive women who inspire us each day, and we hope Domaine Curry will serve as homage to them while also empowering future generations,” Ayesha Curry reportedly said in a statement shared with Blavity.

Furthermore, the brand also features a new look — packaging that showcases a “fresh, deep-red label stamped with two women facing each other, holding a burning torch between them.”

“It’s a message of empowerment and letting people know we’re here; we’re here to stay; this is our legacy,” Ayesha Curry explained to the  San Francisco Chronicle.


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Domaine Curry is now exclusively distributed in partnership with the Prisoner Wine Company. The San Francisco Chronicle notes that the Currys’ brand will eventually be sold internationally.

However, for now, it is exclusively available for purchase to subscribers of the brand’s mailing list. Furthermore, bottle prices range between $85-$100.


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