#VingRhames says he was recently held at gunpoint in his #SantaMonica home by police after there was a report from one of his neighbors of a “large black man” breaking into the property.

And all the brotha was trying to do was relax and watch some #ESPN in his basketball shorts when he heard a knock at his front door, according to People. He claims he got up to open the door and that’s when he saw a red dot pointed at his face from a gun. Then Santa Monica police, who have yet to comment publicly on the matter, allegedly told him to put his hands up.

The moment de-escalated when the captain of police supposedly recognized Ving from their sons’ high school basketball rivalry–of all things. Police let him know a neighbor made a call about a break-in and Ving went to go confront the woman with officers by his side, but she allegedly denied making the call. He says police eventually apologized to him.

But Ving says his biggest concern was that it could have been his teenage son who answered the door and feared things could have went left had that been the circumstances.

We’re hoping this “trend” of people using police as their own personal security stops, #Roommates.

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