Baltimore Woman Calls For Help As Police Fail To Arrest Her Ex-Boyfriend For Stalking Her--Fears She’ll End Up Dead

Baltimore Woman Calls For Help As Police Fail To Arrest Her Ex-Boyfriend For Stalking Her–Fears She’ll End Up Dead

By now, you’ve likely heard Aziza’s story on social media, but if you haven’t, we’d like to give you the background. Aziza Murphy is a 28-year-old mother from Baltimore who just lost her job while fighting for her safety against her ex-boyfriend, who she says has been stalking her for nearly two months.

After repeated threats and harassment of her and her family members, she has pleaded multiple times for Baltimore police to make an arrest, but the way the system works, she says, it is not set up to protect women–especially women of color. 

Since he hasn’t necessarily been violent with her, she says police can really only take action if he’s caught in the act, but Aziza has evidence and recordings of him threatening her and even then, she says it’s not enough. She’s taken to social media to tell her story for fear that she’ll end up dead if something isn’t done.

Her story is the kind you see on Dateline and it resonated with me because she could be any of us. The scary part about it is Aziza said she didn’t see it coming. She tells us she and her ex dated for four months and though he was not abusive, there were some red flags in regard to how fast things were moving. The day she decided to end things, Aziza says she drove him to the train station, which is when he refused to get out of her car and held her hostage for about two hours.

When she was finally able to get him out, Aziza zipped away from the station but made a stop at a store on her way home, only to find him in front of her house when she arrived. That’s when the true nightmare began.

Before going into detail of the hell she’s been living in since September, Aziza explained a few things to us:

  1. His behavior was a complete 180 from the guy she was dating. She said he started off too involved and though she somewhat silenced that inner voice, she questioned herself saying, “Maybe I’m not used to a guy treating me nice.”
  2. When she attempted to scale it back, things got worse. While they were dating, she said they weren’t fully exclusive. She didn’t think either of them were ready to be monogamous though she wasn’t seeing anyone else on the level she was seeing him.
  3. She broke up with him because he went through her phone. Aziza says he found nothing incriminating but he crossed the line by doing this and violated her trust.

Jumping back into her story, Aziza said she was in absolute shock when she found him at her home following the breakup. She alleges he broke a window trying to get in, and then tried to get her keys when a little struggle ensued.

She fended him off but the next day, she says he called her over 1,000 times.

“I don’t think anyone knows how much your phone can ring until you get 1,000 calls,” Aziza said.

She later found out that he allegedly went through her phone and copied all her contacts including her parents, ex husband and friends.

He then started leaving comments on her job’s Instagram page. She was a concierge at an apartment complex.

He also allegedly broke into her mother’s home, prompting Aziza to move out and get a place of her own, but she revealed that he claims he knows where she lives.

She went to the police and filed a report and says a warrant has been issued for his arrest in regard to the threats, but police won’t actively seek him because he has not committed a violent crime. In other words, if he gets pulled over or stopped, they can make an arrest, but they won’t use their resources to search for him.

“They’re so useless in everything involving domestic violence issues,” Aziza tells us. “I’m praying I don’t end up dead.”

After speaking with police, Aziza said she discovered her ex allegedly has restraining orders in four different states, as well as a warrant connected to an ex-girlfriend in Georgia, only proving that police know the potential danger to her.

Another weird thing–Aziza said when they were dating, she received a lot of messages from random women telling her that her ex was a good man and to hold on to him. She says she later found out that those accounts were all him and she estimates that he’s made at least 80 different accounts since their breakup to harass her.

Aziza has had enough and hopes that her story will move the police to do something. We too are praying for her safety and we’ll keep you posted on any updates.

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