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‘Basketball Wives’ Fans Create Petition To Remove Evelyn Lozada From The Show Following Alleged Racist Remarks

Whew chillayyy! Fans know Evelyn Lozada as one of the spiciest cast members on Basketball Wives, but it looks like she may have taken it just a little too far.

Fans have now banned together to form a number of petitions to have Evelyn removed from her role on the show. One of the largest can be found on Change.org titles “Help Relieve Ms. Lozada of Her Services from Basketball Wives.” As of now, the petition has over 9,000 signatures.

The petition comes on the heels of Evelyn being confronted by Twitter users about racist remarks she has made to her co-stars on the show.  In one episode, Evelyn can be heard referring to her cast mate CeCe Guitierrez as “Lee Lee”, referencing Asian women who work at nail shops.

Evelyn has also been called out for calling OG a monkey. One Twitter user was so fed up, she says:

“Social media can reveal the wickedness and hate that women have amongst each other EvelynLozada you are a colorist you called a black sister a money. You are a negative influence on TV and for young women.”

But the tweets did not stop there! Many fans flooded Evelyn’s mentions, questioning how she is still employed after her comments, and some even call her a bully.

Evelyn has been confronted by some of her fellow cast mates as well. Malaysia Pargo explains to Gutierrez that. the term Lee Lee was meant to be derogatory on Evelyn’s part. The ladies seem to be convinced the remark was racially charged.

Evelyn has apparently issued an apology to her fan base, and all of those involved in the show. Petition organizers, however, say it’s too little too late.

“Evelyn’s apologies as of late aren’t sufficient to halt the efforts of the viewers and I to remove her from our Sunday program and ultimately the network,” organizers write on the petition page. “It’s 48 hours too late for many of us, and also came across in-genuine.”


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