Bhad Bhabie Alleges Her Mom Told Her To "Be A Single Mom"

Oh, Wow! Bhad Bhabie Claims Her Mother Told Her To “Be A Single Mom” Out Of Jealousy

Just a few weeks after hosting her baby shower, Bhad Bhabie is opening up about her strained relationship with her own mother, Barbara Ann Bregoli. Bhad Bhabie claims Barbara recently told her to choose single motherhood out of jealousy.

As previously reported, the 20-year-old announced her pregnancy in December. She’s expecting her first child and daughter, Kali Love, with boyfriend Le Vaughn, who was present at her baby shower.

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Bhad Bhabie Vents About Mother Barbara Stressing Her During High-Risk Pregnancy

Earlier this week, the ‘Gucci Flip Flops’ artist took to her Instagram Story to blast her mother. It’s unclear what exactly happened between them or what her mother has been saying online to prompt the response. According to this photo, Barbara was present at the baby shower.

However, Bhabie’s posts suggest her mother is claiming someone, possibly Le Vaughn, is keeping her daughter away from her.

Bhad Bhabie opened up by alleging her mother called the police on someone and has been displaying narcissistic traits.

“This lady think she can just call the police and they will take anyone to jail for her even tho they did nothing illegal. She just want them in jail,” the expectant mother wrote, adding three laughing emojis.

Bhabie encouraged her fans to ask her mother for “proof” of her accusations and to not be “dumb enough” to believe “anything that comes out of that conniving, evil, vile being.” 

She reminded folks that Barbara “had made claims and posts that everyone who’s ever been in [her] life is tryna take [her]” away.

“The only one who’s is taking me from her is herself! She need to b placed on a 72hr hold, no one who has all their marbles is doing sh*t like this especially to their own daughter during her very high-risk pregnancy.” 

Bhabie Says Barbara Is Jealous Of Her Relationship With Le Vaughn

In two paragraphs on a single IG Story slide, Bhad Bhabie suggested her mother is jealous of her relationship with Le Vaughn. Rather than support her during this time, the 20-year-old says her mom is encouraging her to tackle parenthood alone like she did.

“She’s envious that I’m with my boyfriend and that he’s going to b a part of my daughter’s life. I understand she didn’t have that but she shouldn’t b tryna take that from me just because she didn’t have that.”

She added that Barbara “literally said out her own mouth ‘just be a single mother you can do it just fine, I did it, you don’t need him.” 

Bhabie also revealed that she and Le Vaughn have a “very close and beyond amazing relationship.”

“Why would I leave him to b a single mother just because you want me to bc you were!!!! This lady is bat sh*t crazy!!!”

Swipe below to see everything the pregnant mommy said.

Bhad Bhabie and Barbara became public figures when they appeared on Dr. Phil’s show in 2016 to discuss the teen’s behavioral issues. At one point, Bhabie threatened to fight the audience, telling them to “catch her outside,” a line that fueled her popularity.

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